Delphi. Memory Management. Book

Купил сегодня книгу по управлению памятью в Delphi. Понравилось содержание, хочу углубить свои знания в этом вопросе.

А вот и содержание на английском…


Table of Contents:


Clean Code

Part 1. Memory management basics and terminology

* Short overview of memory management models

* How memory works


* Variables and types


* Invalid pointers or references – wild, dangling, stale

* Scope and lifetime

* Classes

* Resource management – RAII

Part 2. Object instances

* To be, or not to be


* Ownership

* Object Instance Lifecycle


* Lifecycle Coding Patterns


Part 3. Manual memory management

* Releasing object instances


Part 4. ARC memory management

* Automatic Reference Counting – Overview


* Automatic Reference Counting in Delphi


* Automatic Reference Counting – Concepts


* DisposeOf – ARC with a twist


* Interfaces in the classic compiler


* Storing weak and unsafe references in collections

* Anonymous methods

Part 5. Coding patterns

* Smart Pointers

* Lazy

* Weak


* References

* Quality Portal Reports


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